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Replacing Battery on APC Smart-UPS SUA 2U Rack Mount UPS | Schneider Electric Support

Tutorial for removing and replacing the Replacement Battery Cartridge (RBC) in an APC SUA Series 2U Rack Mount Smart-UPS. Please note that while you do not have to power down the UPS, you will not have any battery back up protection for the short period when no batteries are installed in the UPS.

To learn more, please visit the APC by Schneider Electric FAQ:
Glen O'Riley : Or just swap the batteries out themselves they look like regular 12v 7.2ah SLA's.

How To online replace a APC SmartUPS 3000RM Battery cartridge

This is a short tutorial showing how to replace a SmartUPS 3000RM 2HU battery pack in online mode.The replacement should only be done by authorized and trained specialists.I don`t take any responsibility for personal or material damages due to following the actions shown in this video. You act on your own risc.All trademarks are property of their respective owners.
GWC New Media : Tragic choice of music - WHY have music anyway? How about comments by the person doing the changeout?
BaneBlaze : Why wouldn't you take the screws out first, before you unplug the battery?  On the same token, why not plug the battery back in first before futzing with the screws?  Every second without the battery is harrowing to me.  lol
Scott Krieger, Jr. : What music is this?  Love it.
Trevor Honinbo : Does it mean all devices connected with the UPS are no need to shutdown?
Thanks for reply!
Jamie Rothery : Excellent Video! Great music

APC SmartUPS VT 40kVA teardown

Our SmartUPS VT's power module went bang, so we had to replace it. The old one was too heavy to carry back up the stairs so needed to be dismantled first. If I'm taking it to bits I may as well show you what's inside...

0:10 Introduction
1:30 Breaking the module into smaller chunks
5:18 SUVT Par.Controller
6:45 PSU - Nanna
7:38 Power Interface Board_EMEA
9:15 Power Board 6.67kVA 400V
12:45 Fault found :)
14:41 Power I/O Board
15:22 SBS Static Bypass Switch - Nanna
Asad Zaman : Micro UPS is best
ChaosHusky : 40kVa... Wow.. Damn thing is almost a work of art.. I want one! shame i don't have 6 grand just for the main module.. bloody hell.
joob : Make an induction heater with it >:]
Morten Rolsing : Interesting, thanks :-D
Flavio Cavalcante junior : Good morning, I have a UPS that of 30kVA that does not care, you could help me?
Batteries are ok
internal fuses ok


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