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Jessica Lee Goldyn "Music and the Mirror" (FULL) ADM21 (2013)

This video shows Jessica Lee Goldyn as Cassie in a presentation by American Dance Machine for the 21st Century at NY City Center (2013). Watch closely and you can see Donna McKechnie to be the first on her feet. For more information visit or
Mike Müller : Extremely talented woman! Not to mention, an extremely nice and wonderful person as I've heard from many. This kind of talent is rare. More people need to be aware of who Jessica is.
Liam Michael Dempsey : I love how you can see Donna standing and cheering for her in the mirror. So amazing <3
Anya Brante : I watch this like twice a day every day and it still gives me chills
Sue Lynn Yu : i like how she throws in a triple pirouette at the end of the sequence.
greenbunny13 : Jessica, what an amazing, strong and stirring performance. And to have performed this in front of Ms. McKechnie must have been simultaneously frightening and thrilling. One question though: why was that 4 bars of music removed from the dance for the revival? From that section where Cassie does that disco-esque move about 8 bars before entering the series of double pirouettes upstage? You do the full routine here but not in the revival. Thanks for answering.

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