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The Making Of KEEN Uneek by Pete Buschmann

UNEEK by KEEN has a minimalistic design that requires an almost 100% manual assembly process. At OutDoor 2016 we filmed Pete Buschmann while constructing a UNEEK from the individual parts.

#KEEN #Uneek #MakingOf #Shoes #Schoenen #InsideOut
Rex Longhon : So beautiful
辛建惠 : 美国那里有专卖店?
Bobo Uzala : Thank you Pete, like a Master you make workmanship look easy! Do YOU wear the Uneeks??
Leo : WoW, very nice
Pipo de clown : I wish I could buy a DIY-Keen kit! . (And choose my ówn color-combinations. Thát would be Máster! ).

I love áll my Keen-sandals! Would like to recycle my old Keens too. (Some upperlining can get worn out, while the sole is still good for re-use. )

Would be a Great thing.. if people could buy repair parts! .

That would help a lot for a Better Environment as well. Now people throw perfectly good Keens in a bin when the cords get discolored or a bit ugly by wear & tear.

Come on, Keen! Give (the less fortunate) hippies the chance to repair their own Uneeks? €100-€120 is a lót of money for people who only have a minimum income. I buy secondhand Keens.. but would lóve to pimp them with some new cords and/ or other parts.

Ik wish I knew how to carefully remove the sole that is glued to the uppersole.. then I could fix my Keens myself!

Harajuku’s first sneaker shop - KICKS LAB Collabs with KEEN

KEEN X Kicks Lab

KICKS LAB.- the first sneaker shop of its kind opened in the heart of the fashion mecca of Japan- Harajuku. Unbound by domestic boundaries and with an independent and highly creative eye, KICKS LAB. Has become the topic of sneaker lovers worldwide. The ′′ Hybrid Footwear ′′ that combines the comfort of sandals and the functionality of shoes, and the outdoor scene is of course. The footwear brand - KEEN is highly rated in the fashion scene judged by the high sense of design.

KEEN has adopted open-air sneakers called UNEEK as a base model for this collaboration, which is also a model that symbolizes innovation.

Designed with the concept of "Mountain Play", the Kicks Lab x KEEN UNEEK takes inspiration from the Japanese term of Satoyama, the mountain foothills and arable flat land, the countryside. The design comes in a woven rope black upper, black midsole and gum outsole. The footbed and back strap comes in a tree duck camo print, a distinctive print for this collaboration model.


#KICKSLAB #UNEEK #KEEN #Mountain play

Credits: KEEN Japan

Available Online and In-stores.

Follows us @OutsideSG

"대한민국 최고의 남성 라이프스타일 편집매장", 클래식을 알고 싶다면 걍 여기 와봐!

매장 위치 : 서울 강남구 논현로 161길 17
홈페이지 :

아직 '알란스'를 들어보지 못 했습니까?

오히려 좋아.

"진정한 멋을 아는 남자가 되는 날 1일 시작!"

지금 가장 트랜디한 유행을 따라가는 것도
자신이 좋아하는 분야의 패션을 따라가는 것도

모두 다 멋진 남자가 되는 길입니다만

어떤 분야든 '클래식'을 아는 것이야말로
그 분야의 '정도'를 걷는 길이라고 할 수 있죠

대한민국 최고의 클래식 남성 편집매장이라고 해도
이견이 없을 '알란스' 꼭 한번 방문해 보세요.

매장에 들어서면 걍 눈물이 주르륵 아아아아앙!

#남자코디 #여름코디 #편집샵
#클래식 #편집매장 #패션 #남성패션
#이탈리아 #테일러 #남성복 #남친선물
Nick Lee : 아형....나만알고싶은 곳인데ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ흐어어엉
스기하라 : 형은 정동남 뾰류지가 그냥 점이되어버렸네용
박세환 : 퇴물 두명의 눈물나는 콜라보
Stivmin Yi : 아 너무좋다 상담한번 받아보고싶네
Heejun Yoo : 저도 라르디니 좋아하는데 까남님도 라르디니 좋아하시는군요 흐흐




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