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Used 2014 Supra SA 350 for sale in Mansfield, Texas

REDUCED PRICE: $78,000 - - - - STOCK #168198

Wow! This is in fabulous condition and has been meticulously maintained. Come see how nice this is before you buy any other ski boat. DECKED OUT!

View almost 150 photos and VERY DETAILED information of this 2014 Supra SA 350 for sale at

Or call us any time at (941) 357-4044. Please enter Stock #168198 so that your call gets routed correctly. We hate machines too but this truly is the fastest way to get routed to the correct representative who knows the most about this boat. Talk to you soon!

(941) 357-4044 (when asked for stock number, enter 168198)

You're obviously into boats. Think you could get into selling them? We're hiring all across the country for a work-from-home position that would have you walking, talking and breathing boats all day long. Check out to learn more about our company and the positions we have available.

Supra Boats 2013 SA 350-550 With Nick From RoMoBoCo.CoM

A quick Walk Around Supra Boats 2013 SA450 With Nick From Rocky Mountain Boat Co.


This new Supra SA350, SA450 and SA550 combine shocking wakes, precise handling and an awesome interior. It attacks the water with 350-550 horses of Indmar power, depending on your engine choice, pro hull design and precision underwater gear. Snap-out carpet covers a fiberglass floor for a quiet convenient base to a plush interior. The new Barrage Front End projects attitude and protects with interior comfort, while the Battle Prep Transom prepares world-class riders for action. 900 pounds of Liquid Lead ballast, a loaded Roswell Pro Edge Tower and 1,300-pounds of available Flex ballast wake-up dreams of going pro. SA can only mean shock and awe.

SA350-550 Specks:
Boat Type V Drive
Bow Walk-through
Length w/o Platform 22' 6"
Beam 100"
Draft 26"
Weight 4,300 lbs
Capacity (Passengers) 13 people
Capacity (Weight) 1,900 lbs
Fuel 50 gal.
Ballast 900 lbs (S) 1,300 lbs (O) = 2,200 lbs available from factory.
Engine Options 345 HP SA350
450 HP SA450
550 HP SA550

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