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Why Not Us? Narrated by Allen Iverson

Reebok and basketball icon, Allen Iverson, are proud to debut an all-new animated film honoring young athletes who continue to defy societal expectations through their passion for sport. The film, titled, “Why Not Us,” is the celebration of that mantra, a creed and an assertion of power that Allen Iverson has brought to every aspect of his life, culminating in the official bring back of Reebok’s Question Mid ‘Why Not Us’ silhouette on March 19, 2021.

The film, narrated by Allen Iverson, tells the story of grit, determination, and the conquering of inner doubt. Illustrated by Kellen Hatanaka, the film takes us on a journey of color and emotion, detailing that very moment in 2001. The voiceover then transitions to the greater impact the ‘Why Not Us’ mentality has on culture today, highlighting many voices of Benny’s Club, an all-inclusive surf collective based in New York City, who have had to overcome adversity to succeed in their sport.

Ending with a series of silhouettes referencing various figures and pivotal moments throughout his life, the red thread remains, ‘Why Not Us’, offering viewers the chance to position themselves in his shoes, begging the question once more.

20 min workout feat. Sophie Guidolin. Powered by the Reebok Nano X1, The Official Shoe of Fitness.

"Reebok Nano X1 is the official shoe of online workouts!
Join Sophie Guidolin and our Reebok trainers for a full-body workout like no other.
Lace up your Nano’s, grab your sweat towel, and enjoy the workout from anywhere you are!
Don’t forget to warm up, stretch down, and keep hydrated.

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1 round x10 air squats
1 round x10 pulse squats
1 round x10 jump squats
1 round High knees
1 round x10 glute bridge
1 round x10 glute bridge kicks (each leg)
1 round Hamstring walkouts

45 sec warm-up, Bird dog
30 sec, Crunch with toe taps
30 sec, Sprinter sit-ups
30 sec, Forearm plank rocks
30 sec, Mountain Climbers

UPPER BODY (equipment, Sweat towel)
10 Reps, Pushups (3 seconds down, 1 second up)
10 Reps, Bicep curls (with towel)
10 Reps, Back squeeze
10 Reps, Plank presses

CARDIO / HIIT (15 Sec rest between)
45 sec, Ice skaters
45 sec, Inchworms
45 sec, Mountain Climbers / Sprawls
45 sec, Drop Squats
45 sec, Burpees

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Sophie Guidolin

Disclaimer: As with all exercise programs, when using our online exercise videos, please use your common sense.
To reduce and avoid injury, check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk, See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form.
Reebok will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our online fitness videos. Thank you for understanding.


Wellness is a Beautiful Resistance

Racism is a public health crisis. Black folk being well is part of an anti-racist future. Taylor Rae Almonte, an actor, activist, and Reebok athlete, used to suffer from shame when it came to self-care. After co-founding Activ-ism, an anti-racism wellness program, she explains to Globe culture columnist Jeneé Osterheldt, she can't go back.

Concept \u0026 curation by Jeneé Osterheldt/Globe Staff
Video by Caitlin Healy/Globe Staff
Additional video by Sebastian Jimenez/Special to the Globe
Photo by Steven Eloiseau/Special to the Globe




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