DAD swallowed A FLY!! Doctor Adley does a brave operation and Nurse M…

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using a STiNKY BANANA to catch a fly


HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to my Doctor's Office!! I run this medical clinic and my mom is my nurse and assistant! We specialize in a lot sicknesses so we take care of a lot of people!! It's been really busy because one of our patients, Dad, gets into trouble all the time!! He came into our office all in one day because he got tubes stuck on his arms, then he grew grape feet, then after he accidentally ate a fly, then he fell into a prickle bush and got stickies all in his hair!! He is the crazy customer in our doctor neighborhood! After we fixed him up all those times he brought in his son Niko Bear and Niko is just as crazy as Dad!! He turned into a cat and we had to fix him!! Then he came back because his head turned into a Dinosaur head!! We have a crazy family and I'm glad I was here to fix them!!

my last video - i made an ADLEY ViDEO!! Teaching my friend Alli how to make homemade SLiME and it got a little messy

my dad's last video - NiKO’s 3rd BiRTHDAY!! a Volcano and Dinos at pirate island! the ultimate family party in Lava Land

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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