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Pinnacle Studio Basics, A to Z. Tutorial: How to make a video using Pinnacle Studio.
Victor O'Donnell : great starting point
Dilshod Elmurodov : sorry I have learning p s b but I dont know it
Barry Gallagher : Any one help with this please. I have a video that i want to trim a small clip from (done that) but I want to save that clip to use in another video. I can't seem to find a way to save it anywhere unless I delete the rest of the video and export it to a file?
ACR Systems Cash Registers & CCTV : I looked at lots of tutorials that only confuse or just simply make things worse. This Tutorial got me started straight away. I was very excited about creating home movies as I had collected so many files over recent years. I had started with Studio 8 then 10 then 12 then 19 but the last one was so different I turned my back on it. THANK YOU Miklos for restoring my enthusiasm to create more family memories.
Schmink : Miklos - just watched your Basics, A to Z and found it very helpful and easy to understand/watch. I'm starting to use Pinnacle Studio 24 and your tutorial is definitely helping. Taking my old VHS tapes of kids growing up and converting them to digital. Not doing any fancy work to them or enhancing them any, not sure I can as they are from the 1980's - 90's, but you helped me create a nice transition point from one segment to the next with a descriptive title. Going to watch your tutorial on making a menu next. Thanks again.

Pinnacle Studio 23 - Full Tutorial for Beginners [+Overview]

Get into a new Way of Learning Pinnacle Studio 23! Tutorial beginners, getting started, basics. MORE at
There is not a show or a playlist guide (unique video), unless you make requests.
Enable SUBTITLES if you have trouble at understanding the narration. Leave feedback if you can!

Get into a new Way of Learning Pinnacle Studio! Tutorial beginners, getting started, basics.

00:00 Intro
00:49 Welcome Page
01:26 Importing Files
02:53 The Edit Workspace
03:25 The Timeline, Clips
04:07 The Preview
04:48 Editing Clips
06:05 Managing Tracks
06:25 Editing Modes
07:09 Adding Titles
08:02 Effects, Transitions
09:33 Saving, Exporting

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Tessa Van Bussum : does anyone know if pinnacle 23 has 480p resolution?
PsychoGames HD : Hey peeps so I have the pinnacle studio moviebox 510 component (red, yellow, white) to usb my main use for it is to record my retro game collection the thing is It came with studio 12 and I'd like to know if I can use it with the new studio 23 or 24 but before I upgrade is the new studio have the feature to record live commentary along with video because the studio 12 only let's you do a voice over after the video is recorded any help is appreciated thanks
David Sabin : I made a music slideshow and when I was finished I closed it out. However, I didn't get several photos in a memorial section. Can I use this program to re-open the slideshow to add two more photos.
TheShabazzProduction : Bai, does it have a section where you can set a external scratch disk so your system disk
doesn't eat up all your media?
DrC : Your video is good but this is one of the worst video editing product ever developed. The best version was the ver 1.0. Seriously, I regretted purchasing it. I have complaint to them umpteen times. Stall all the time. A total waste of productive time and rip-off. Stay away....You have been warned.

Pinnacle Studio 24 (Nederlands)

Bewerk als een echte pro met de kracht, precisie en controle van Pinnacle Studio™ 24 Ultimate. Deze geavanceerde videobewerkingssuite zit boordevol tools in professionele kwaliteit en een krachtige besturing voor keyframes, zodat u ongelooflijke resultaten kunt behalen. Transformeer uw opnamen met de verbeterde videomaskers en versterk de kleuren dankzij de complete suite aan kleurverbeteringsfuncties. Bewerk soepel en probleemloos op een onbeperkt aantal tracks en maak eigen sneltoetsen voor gereedschappen, zodat u uw meestgebruikte taken kunt stroomlijnen.

Profiteer van de verbeterde keyframefuncties om aangepaste titels en bewegingen te creëren, maak gebruik van honderden creatieve effecten en produceer video's in alle soorten en maten met tools voor multicamerabewerking, schermopnamen, 360 -videobewerking en meer. Met Pinnacle Studio Ultimate bestaan er geen grenzen.
Addis Telila : Please tell me where to buy a software CD
Addis Telila : Please tell me where to buy a software CD
Filip Filmkes : veel om te leren is dat niet hé




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