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CnC Tech - Server #1: HP Proliant DL360 G5 - CPU and RAM upgrade

We decided to upgrade an old HP proliant server from a dual core 2.33ghz with 10GB of ram to an eight core at 2.83ghz with 22GB of ram.

Benchmarks of this (And possibly other servers) coming in a later video.

If you would like to see more consider donating! https://www.paypal.me/kv4lq.
Julian Fernandez : Dont use the compresed air upside down. bit a common sense
MnrREAD : Dude just no... take your shirt out... you look awkward. Nevertheless, good video. Thanks.
andrew121410 : So I got the same thing you got but my came with 24gb of ram
andrew121410 : But I don't know what graphics card should I get for the hp dl360 G5
TheUnexpected6 : I'm having problems upgrading my ROM for this model. I'm trying to install the latest revision and made a bootable USB key, but cannot get the server to boot that USB. Any leads? Without the newest revision, I can't install my 5470's

HP DL360 G5 Server Review -- ServerMonkey.com

ServerMonkey.com gives you an inside look at the HP DL360 G5 Server. Check out our exclusive review of this popular HP server.

To check out the HP DL360 G5 for yourself, follow the link below!
Sergei Lupenkov : wow
Wutichai Wangyos : hoooooo

กันซ่า : เข้ามาดู
LK7R : Just a small correction, at 2:22 you are saying there goes battery, but that is not true. Battery goes next to the #5 HDD. You have to remove CPU fans in order to get access. :-)
Gabriel Swanson : your also missing a piece between the fans and the heatsinks

ILO configuration

How to configure the hp ILO and a brief walk through the ILO web GUI
sponsor: https://www.computelabs.co.uk/

Servers: Hp dl380 g6

Ethernet switch: NETGEAR fs728tp

server rack: 18U 4 Post Open Frame 19" Network Server Rack Cabinet Adjustable Depth 24"-37"

KVM: ATEN Altusen KL1508AM
Ali Programmer : thank you bro. you are very good to teaching. make new videos =)
Mubarak Elrayah : I’ve HP G9 the ILO showing an error on ILO. The server is taking long time to boot up and fans sounds is extremely high. Any suggestions on that ???
John Friedrich : Thank you for showing this. You Rock!!!
Will Ernst : Hello, i was wondering why you turned dhcp off and where you got that ip address? I'm pretty new to this, but I thought dhcp assigned the ip addresses. Did you just pick an address/subnet mask that was not being used by any device? Thanks
DigitEgal IT 4.0 : "cold start" comes from old cars who needed to be driven softly when "cold" = offline for longer time




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