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Makita Hammer Drill Repair - How to Replace the Gear Assembly

Need help replacing the Gear Assembly (Part # 126460-9) in your Makita Hammer Drill? Watch this how-to video with simple, step-by-step instructions for a successful DIY repair.

Don’t already have this part? You can pick up an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the original manufacturer here:

Fix Part Number: FIX10138886
OEM Part Number: 126460-9

Why you might need to replace the Gear Assembly:
1.Motor Spins But Chuck Does Not
2. Grinding Sound From Transmission
3. Weak or Slipping Clutch

The information in this video is specific to Makita Hammer Drills. To find the Gear Assembly specific to your model Hammer Drill, or to use our helpful model number locator, visit http://www.fix.com

Not what you’re looking for? For more Hammer Drill repair help click here: https://www.fix.com/parts/power-tool/drill/hammer-drill/

For more helpful Hammer Drill Repair videos, you can browse through the Power Tool Repair playlist on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rg5kJYash8\u0026list=PLkEygncLQDWNoBvrgVaDjC-r3v7WyaBBX

Fix.com is committed to providing you with high-quality parts, quickly and easily. Find out more about our fast shipping and interactive customer service on our website.

Stay safe during your repair! Be sure to check https://www.fix.com/safety/ for proper safety procedures before you begin. Use of this video is at your own risk, without liability to Fix.com.

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Aptio Setup Utility - Cannot Exit

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Aptio Setup Utility - Cannot Exit asus laptop

Once in the Aptio Setup Utility, navigate to the Security

Expand the Secure Boot menu section and disable Secure Boot.

Navigate to the Save \u0026 Exit tab, save your changes, exit the Aptio Setup Utility, restart your computer and wait for it to boot into the utility once again.

Navigate to the Boot

Disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot

Enable CSM (Compatibility Support Module).

Navigate to the Save \u0026 Exit tab, save your changes, exit

the Aptio Setup Utility and restart your computer. When your computer boots up, it should boot straight into its Operating System and not into the Aptio Setup Utility.

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