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Apple Special Event 2010 - iPad Introduction

iPad may have been the most widely anticipated Apple device ever. Steve Jobs famously killed the Newton in 1998, as one of his first acts as interim CEO, and had killed several internal Apple tablet projects over the years. Rumors of a new Apple tablet device persisted much of the next decade. Speculation only increased with the 2007 release of the iPhone, which profoundly demonstrated the capabilities of a touch-screen only device.

The years of speculation ended in January 2010, when Apple announced the iPad. Based around a 9.7-inch LED-backlit multi-touch display, the iPad, finally, was more or less what the Rumor-mill had predicted: a giant iPhone. It used a new version of the same iPhone OS that the then-current iPhone 3GS and iPod touch (Late 2009) used, and could run nearly all existing third-party iPhone applications.

Steve Jobs introduces Original iPad - Apple Special Event (2010)

Steve Jobs introduces the revolutionary iPad and ,just like that, changes the landscape of the computer industry and consumer electronic for years to come.

iPadのプレゼンはこれを使おう! 一番わかりやすい Keynoteの使い方から、ほとんど知られていないリモコン機能も紹介! パワポ超えですね。


・「刺さる」プレゼンの極意  https://xtrend.nikkei.com/atcl/contents/18/00112/?i_cid=nbpnxr_index
・Microsoft Officeで業務効率アップ!  https://swri.jp/article/566
・戸田覚のIT辛口研究所 https://tech.nikkeibp.co.jp/it/atcl/c...
・話題の製品買うかどうかでまよったら https://tech.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/nxt/...
・アプリオ  https://appllio.com/
・スマートワーク総研 https://swri.jp/article/610




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